Telegraph's Saturday Magazine, Oct 2015
One of the best complements we received since we stared our store!  Greenberry Kids are not only featured in the national paper / magazine but also kindly introduced by a fabulous fashion editor " Sophie de Rosée " ;
Happy Feet If I could shop at only one children's clothing store, it would be greenberry kids. com. Founded by Joo Lee, who quit her career in banking and set up shop, it sells the best brands from her native South Korea for children aged three months to seven years. Expet quirky knits, bunny ear hats and these bestselling raccoon socks, which keep little toes and toasty. Socks £9 per pair, ages one to six.
Vogue Spain Kids. Oct 2015

We are thrilled to be featured in Vogue Spain Kids in October 2015.  Their kind introduction within the article goes " They (Greenberry Kids) have been commissioned to reach European audience and sweep the world with Korean Children's fever. In their online store you will find Amber or firms like Annika from the Asian Country, that are able to engage in young and old.". 

Indeed, we source our fun and adorable designs for babies and kids from over 25 different brands from Korea. We have been a leading retailer to introduce so many iconic products such as Minidressing Raccoon Knee Socks and Arim Closet Cherry Blossom Dress. Be sure to visit us and discover unique and chic fashion your little ones! 


Wilding Magazine. Sept. 2015

One of our bestseller items - Bene Bene Floral trousers and Indi Pink Sleeveless Top were featured in the Volume 2. Wildling Magazine. 

Volume 2 of Wildling Magazine is packed full of inspiring stories and photographic essays from parents including 'Unschooling' by Zalmy Berkowitz and 'Immersive Theatre' by Sarah Bird and 'Teaching Kindness' by Rebecca Lindon. You'll also find travel diaries from the Faroe Islands, Iran and the Bahamas alongside incredible healthy recipes, fashion and art. We hope you enjoy this second instalment.

We fell in love with this gorgeous magazine instantly, such an inspiring art work!