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MILAN with Elisa Favaro

photo by Elisa Favaro

Ah, Milan. The beautiful metropolis that is synonymous with fashion, football and, of course, the grand Catholic cathedral that is the Duomo. But besides shopping on the dazzling Via Montenapoleone, what else is there to do when visiting the great Italian city, with little ones in tow? We got the beautiful Elisa Favaro to give us the low-down on family-friendly activities in Milan.

"Milan is a vibrant city, full of green parks and amusing activities for kids. In the warmer seasons, you can enjoy the weather and the blue skies with a visit to the Parco Sempione, where you can also find the most ancient aquarium in Italy, a small and very well-curated place that my two little girls, Ginevra and Carolina, are absolutely enthralled by… all that fish!

I also highly recommend the Orto Botanico (botanical garden) in the central borough of Brera, where you can find an incredible variation of flowers, trees, and aromatic herbs -- our family just loves it. Parents and children alike can reconnect with nature and learn so many wonderful things in this amazing place right in the middle of the city.

photo by Elisa Favaro

If you are in Milan and it’s Sunday morning, a definite must-see is the puppet theater at the “Teatrino del Trotter” (at Parco Trotter) where kids of any ages can enjoy various shows.

When the weather isn't great, or, if you want to get away from the hot temperatures you will be spoilt for choice. The most famous children's museum in the city is called the MUBA (aka Museo del Bambino). Located in stunning ancient architecture much like the Rotonda della Besana, it’s the perfect place for children to take part in funny and educational activities, and for parents to enjoy a tasty, much-needed cappuccino.

If your kids love science (Leonardo da Vinci spent the best years of his brilliant life in Milan), you should definitely check out the famous Musem of Science and Technology (Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia). Besides being able to admire the many creations of the innovative human mind (like submarines, and various old planes), you and your kids will have the chance to participate in activities built to develop various skills, as well as gain deeper insight into how our ancestor's creations improved bettered their lives and paved ways to improve ours. 

photo by Elisa Favaro
My last suggestion is a small, almost secret hidden gem. Not many people know about this place, even in Milan. Few have had the opportunity to visit it, since you can't enter unless you are accompanied by a child. It’s the Giardino di Villa Invernizzi, a private garden in an ancient building in the monumental area of Porta Venezia. This is an ideal place to unwind, taking your time to enjoy the beautiful settings whilst watching the small colony of resident pink flamingos."
Elisa's beautiful family... photo by Elisa Favaro

Sounds like a beautiful place to hang with the kids, does it not?! Just gotta stay away from the carb-indulgence that is Italian cuisine, otherwise we may never leave! Thank you, Elisa, for your wonderful insights. Check out her gorgeous blog,, for more Italian family lifestyle inspiration. 
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