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Arim Closet Navy Floral Dress


Adorable dress for baby and toddler girls, pretty dress for everyday and special occasions, comfortable and easy to dress and undress

Chic navy blue ribbon at the back of the dress

When your little girl outgrows of the size, she can wear it as a blouse. beautiful with knee socks, leggings and tights

Two designs for collar :

1) from 6mths-12mths to 2-3yrs : Round Neckline

2) 3-4yrs : Frill collar

Cotton 100%

Colour: Navy blue with cream colour floral patterns

Size Guide :
Arim Closet offers a loose and generous fitting, therefore we advise that the customers consider the size according to an actual age. For example, the size 1-2yrs can usually cover the age group : 1-2 yrs +6mths. .

Size    Age          Height         Weight

XS  6-12mths under 70cm   6-10kg

S   1-2 yrs         70-87cm     10-12kg

M   2-3 yrs        85-97cm      12-14kg

L    3-4 yrs        97-115cm    14-16kg